Zoom Host Training: Mastering Breakout Rooms & Polling

Duration: 3 hours (split over 2 days)

When facilitating virtual meetings or training virtual workshops, facilitators and trainers repeatedly find their biggest challenge to be engagement and participation from the attendees.  How do you transform a group of passive virtual meeting attendees/participants into highly engaged and participating collaborators?  The answer is breakout rooms and polling!

Breakout rooms are sub-rooms that are useful for splitting a large group of session participants into pairs, triads or smaller groups so they can collaborate privately, stay engaged and therefore produce higher quality output.  It is the most advanced interactive feature of Zoom. 

Polling allows the host to take the pulse of their meeting participants, get their participants engaged and keep the content dynamic.

The workshop is split into 3 parts, with a week lag between the first and third part:

  1. In-person theory/demo (2 hours) – trainer will walk participants through the features and provide a live demo of the feature
  2. Self-study hands-on experience – after the 1st session, participants will be given a practicum with a list of breakout room and polling use cases for them to gain hands-on experience before the next in-person session. The use cases in the practicum will be based on situations our experienced facilitator and trainer has experienced herself.
  3. Interactive Coaching Session (1 hour) – this session is conducted a week after the 1st in-person session.  This session will allow participants to share the results of their practicum, practice any of the use cases they weren’t able to do or had challenges with the opportunity to respond to live simulations of the various dilemmas/scenarios.

Session Purpose:

To enable participants to increase engagement and participation in Zoom meetings by mastering breakout rooms and polling


You will leave the session by mastering breakout rooms and polling with a comprehensive understanding of the following …

  • Benefits of using breakout rooms and polling
  • Options for creating breakout rooms, including the newly launched self-select breakout option
  • Managing breakout rooms in progress
  • How to effectively instruct participants prior to launching break-outs
  • An understanding of how to create and launch a poll, including how to “re-use” polls previously created
  • How to quickly address various dilemmas/scenarios that can arise


  • Creating breakout rooms and polling
    (in advance or ad-hoc)
  • Assigning participants to breakout rooms (automatic, manual & self-select)
  • Preparing & managing breakout rooms & polling
  • “Ask for Help” feature while participants are in breakout rooms
  • Broadcasting a Message to all breakout room participants
  • Delegating breakout room management
  • How to effectively launch breakouts to ensure success
  • Various breakout room and polling dilemmas/ scenarios and how to quickly respond to them

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