Virtual Event Consulting on Zoom

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Working remotely and attending virtual meetings/conferences/events is the new reality we are all living in.  Do you have an in-person event that has been cancelled due to the global pandemic?  Do you still want to hold the event but are at a loss of what to do?  Technology is offering innovative ways of converting your in-person events to the virtual world – be it a shareholder meeting, advisory board meeting, webinar, annual general meeting (AGM), executive exchange, conference, etc.  So, instead of cancelling your event, convert it to an online event on the Zoom platform

Here’s how we can help:

Pre-event Scoping

  • understand what the event purpose and desired outcome(s) are in order to successfully plan and design the event

Event Planning and Design

  • design detailed process notes (including zoom technical features required) to achieve desired outcome(s)
  • plan and schedule activities/tasks required for successful online event delivery

Event Registration and Production

  • design the registration form, including key fields to be completed, any pre-event questions to addressed and ensuring Zoom Meeting/Webinar privacy best practices are employed
  • develop contingency/fallback plan should the platform and/or key presenters/panelists experience a significant technology failure during the event

Event Rehearsal/Dry Run

  • plan and conduct a rehearsal/dry run with presenters/panelists to ensure everyone is following best practices and comfortable with their role, content, cues and transitions
  • ensure technology is working for presenters/panelists to increase their confident with the platform

Pre-event Warm-up

  • open live event 30 minutes early to ensure the host, moderator/facilitator and presenters/panelists are prepared to go live

Live Event Support

  • manage all technical aspects of the event


  • moderate/facilitate the live event

Post-event Debrief and Reports

  • debrief on what went well and what can be done differently for next time
  • provide zoom reports, as required

Some of the types of virtual events that we have provided consulting services for:

  1. Annual General Meetings
  2. Shareholder Meetings
  3. Mental Health for Nurses conference
  4. Transform Institutional Racism in Healthcare Conference
  5. Annual Domestic Violence Symposium
  6. Networking
  7. Advisory Boards
  8. Team Building

Contact us so we can provide you with a proposal and help you convert your in-person event to virtual. 

Please contact us at least 3 weeks prior to your event to ensure successful delivery.