Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Organizations are constantly working on projects, alongside their day-to-day activities.  If these projects are not managed effectively it can result in delays, wasted effort, increased costs, negative impact on organizational reputation as well as stress and failure to deliver on the full benefits of the project.  With some basic project management training, staff can gain the right skills and knowledge to better manage these projects.

This workshop is not geared towards the relatively small number of people who want to become certified as a professional project manager. This workshop is designed for the far greater number of people who need to manage projects as part of their job.

The workshop has been designed and delivered by a certified project manager.  The workshop provides hands-on experience on using best-practice tools and techniques to plan and manage a project successfully.  In-person sessions are 1-day and virtual sessions are split over 2 half days.

Workshop Purpose:

To enhance your project management skill level and available tool box

Workshop Outcomes:

You will leave this workshop with…

  • An understanding of standard project management terms and concepts
  • An understanding of roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager and the stakeholders
  • Project management processes, accompanied by tools and techniques, to apply to all projects
  • An understanding of how to play an active role in supporting a project

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